The Best Solution for All Ages

With Widex hearing aids, your child will enter a world of exceptional sound quality even in demanding listening situations, such as in the classroom, playground or car, or in front of the television. Our advanced Widex features focus on making speech audible, while flexible ways of adjusting the hearing aid ensure the greatest precision in fittings for children of all ages. Hearing aids from Widex are small and discreet while still giving your child incredibly good sound - and they look great too.

Widex hearing aids reduce whistling or feedback so that it is always pleasant to wear the hearing aid. They also reduce wind noise better than any other hearing aid, providing 30% better speech understanding in wind*. Most importantly, our hearing aid technology helps with language and speech development. In fact, studies conducted with school-age children have shown that the perception and product of speech sounds can improve significantly with Widex hearing aids.